The Blue Bird Necklace

Ricordate questo grazioso Blue Bird postato QUI un po' di tempo fa? Bhè, non ho resistito e ho realizzato  una collana!:)

Do you remember this cute Blue Bird posted some time ago HERE? I coudn't resist and I made a necklace with him!

Il Blue Bird simboleggia felicità, umiltà, gentilezza!
io lo trovo adorabile!!

The Blue Bird symbolize happiness, humility, kindness. 
I think this guy is very cute!!

6 commenti:

  1. Aww lovely. It's similar with Twitter's too :)

    Aree With Umbrella

  2. Just joined the Meet & Greet blog hop! Thanks for hosting :) Your blog is adorable! I'd love for you to stop by and follow back!

    Diary of a Debutante

  3. Too cute! New follower from the blog hop.

    Julie @

  4. Sara, This bluebird is adorable! I'm going directly to Etsy to add this to my favorites : )

    Kim (

  5. Oh, the necklace is PERFECT!!! You did a great job. =0)


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