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Welcome to the Meet & Greet Blog Hop!

We would like to invite you to join in, meet some fellow Bloggers, and watch your Blog grow!

Here’s how it works:

* Start by following the three hosts. Click on our link to visit our blog. Leave us each a comment letting us know you’re following - we would love to follow you back!
* Link up and add your blog to the list!
* Please visit and greet other Bloggers, let them know you are following and make their day!
* Grab our button if you like and share with your readers!
* Share and invite others to the Blog Hop!
* Each week one participant will be randomly chosen and featured along with the hosts!

The Meet & Greet Blog Hop will run Sunday and Mondays each week! 
(Our Hosts are in different time zones. The Hop will be open long enough so each time zone is open Sunday and Monday.)

Meet Our Hosts!

Laurie - from Created By Laurie ( is from Honolulu, Hawaii. Laurie makes beautiful handmade custom stuffed animals and embroiders them to personalize!

Kim - from 2 just B you  ( is from Northern California. Kim is active with her creative family! They work together and create handmade gifts, and homemade delicious sweets! 

Sara - from FlowerLandShop  ( is from Rome, Italy. Sara has a wonderful talent making whimsical and colorful polymer clay jewels, home decorations and animal figurines!



Benvenuti al Blog Hop "Meet & Greet!

Siamo liete di invitarvi a partecipare, per conoscere nuovi bloggers e vedere il vostro blog crescere!

Ecco come funziona:

-Iniziate con il seguire i blog ospitanti, cliccate sui links (sopra) per vedere i blogs. Lasciate un commento ad ognuno e fategli sapere che lo state seguendo, saremo felici di ricambiare!
-Aggiungete il vostro blog alla lista;
-Per favore visitate gli altri Bloggers che partecipano e presentatevi, fategli sapere che li state seguendo!
-Se vi va copiate il banner e condividetelo con i vostri lettori!
-Condividete e invitate altre persone al Blog Hop!
-Ogni settimana un partecipante verrà sorteggiato per partecipare insieme ai blogs ospitanti!

Il Blog Hop "Meet & Greet"  ci sarà ogni domenica e lunedì di ogni settimana!
(Ogni Blog Hop ha un fuso orario diverso, ma durerà comunque domanica e lunedì)

Link Up and Have Fun!

33 commenti:

  1. foun you from the hop! New follower :)

  2. hello, New follwer of your blog from the blog hop! Love the cute stuff you make, I hope I can visit Rome one day too :) Very nice to see that you also do the translations in English on your blog :)

    1. Hi Joelle! Rome an amazing city, I hope you can visit it early!
      I'm improving my English thanks to the blog and Etsy, but I hope I do not make too many errors in translation! Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for this. I love to meet new bloggers :)


  4. Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.

  5. This sounds like a great idea :) Thank you Laurie for inviting me to this event. I'm a new follower x

  6. Hola Sara! Afraid when I tried to link it did not work. Have told Laurie - from whom the invitation to join the party came - and am now telling you.

    Would love to join properly: meanwhile, will be following you, as you're a new friend to me. Laurie and Kim are long-time blogging pals of mine!

    1. Hola Isobel! You are welcome! I like your works!:)

  7. This is such a wonderful idea. Just followed your blog, faved your shop, followed u on twitter, Fb and pinterest as well.

    1. Oh, thank you so much Moana!I'll gladly repay!

  8. I am truly impressed with some of the beads and things you have made out of polymer clay.

    Shanan AKA yogimommy

  9. :) found you through the hop too! love your work!

  10. Hello!! I am a new follower:) I found your blog via the "hop" from 2justByou!

    I love the jewelry and few blogs I have read so far:)

  11. What a wonderful idea :) I have just signed up and thank you for the opportunity x Happy Sunday

  12. New follower!

  13. Hi! I found you through the blog hop and am your newest follower! ;-)

  14. Following you now through the blog hop!



  15. Hello from Violet's Buds! I am stopping by from the blog hop :-)

  16. Thank you for hosting this blog hop. New follower =)

  17. New Follower! :) Stopping by for the blog hop! Thanks for hosting - this is the first one I've ever done! :)

  18. What a wonderful way to make new friends. New follower!!


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